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Whispering Gums are happy to assist fellow breeders and pet owners with their husbandry / vaccination schedule.


Alpacas not only need their husbandry and vaccinations at shearing time, but also mid year ( usually April ) with a follow up ADE and B12 injection in July. Vaccination schedules can vary, breeders should always consult their local Vet for advice on issues that may be specific to the health of their animals in their own area.


Some breeders and pet owners do not feel comfortable with administering injections, drenches and toenail trimming.


We can provide husbandry / vaccinations for your animals as part of your own health plan. We are also happy to assist new pet owners and breeders with their husbandry requirements. 

We can also provide medications and the necessary equipment for you to administer yourself.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.

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