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Blackgate Lodge Sunseeker


(co-owned Alpha Centauri Alpacas and Whispering Gums Alpacas)

!!! Now Available for off farm stud work !!!!!

Colour: Light Fawn

IAR: 164394

DOB: 18th November 2010

Sire: Camelot Tor

Dam: Blackgate Lodge Sonnette

Sunseekers impeccable genetics were always going to produce a champion.

His sire Camelot Tor needs no introduction within the industry and his dam has produced multiple champion progeny.

Sunseekers superior frame and conformation together with his fleece of such consistency, style and fineness there is no wonder he has won consistently at elite show level.

Sunseeker is a herd improver with his genetic fineness and laid back temperament.

Sunseekers fleece statistics and show records speak for themselves. These are quality's he is now passing onto his progeny.

Stud Fee (inc gst): 1 x $880.00, 2 x $1650.00, 3 x $2310.00

Fleece Statistics

2011  1st Fleece – 15.9 Mic, 3.2 SD, 20.1 CV

2012  2nd Fleece– 16.5 Mic, 3.6 SD, 21.8 CV

2013  3rd Fleece– 19.0 Mic, 4.1 SD, 21.4 CV

2014  4th Fleece– 22.0 Mic, 4.3 SD, 19.5 CV

2015  5th Fleece– 20.3 Mic, 4.0 SD, 19.5 CV

2016  6th Fleece– 19.4 Mic, 3.6 SD, 18.5 CV

2017  7th Fleece– 20.6 Mic, 3.8 SD, 18.6 CV

2018  8th Fleece- 23.1 Mic, 4.3 SD, 18.8 CV

Fleece Show Results

2012 National Show 6-12 months Champion & Best Light Fawn Fleece

2013 National Show 18-30 month Champion , Best Light Fawn & Grand Champion Fleece

2014 Creswick Fleece Show 18-30 month Supreme Light Fawn Fleece

2014 Colac Show 30-48 month  Best Light Fawn & Champion Huacaya Fleece

2014 National Show  30-48 month  Best Light Fawn, Champion & Grand Champion Huacaya

2015 Creswick Fleece Show  48-60month  Supreme Light Fawn Fleece

2015 National Show  48-60 month 1st Light Fawn Fleece

2016 Creswick Fleece Show  60 + month Supreme Light Fawn Fleece

2016 Vic Colourbration  60 + month Supreme Light Fawn Fleece

2016 National Show  60 + month 1st Light Fawn Fleece

2017 Creswick Fleece Show 60 + month 1st Light Fawn Fleece

2017 Alpaca Spectacular 60 + month 1st White & Reserve Champion Fleece


Whispering Gums Polar Express is a Sunseeker progeny, he has consistently achieved champion at the shows he has been to during 2019 and was awarded Alpaca of the State 2019

Polar Express is now available for stud services

sunseeker photo.jpg
sunseeker fleece.JPG

An Elite Stud Sires Proof is in his Progeny's Results Below

Alexandra Alpaca Show 2019

Champion Adult Male
Best Light Fawn

Ballarat Alpaca Show 2019

Champion Adult Male

Best Light Fawn

Wodonga Alpaca Colour Show 2019

Champion Light Fawn Male


Berwick 2019

Champion Intermediate Male & Supreme Champion


Alpaca Fest 2016

Champion Intermediate Female

Champion Adult Female


Seymour AG Show 2016

Champion Junior Male


Bendigo AG Show

Champion Junior Male & Supreme Champion


Melbourne Royal 2016

Champion Junior Male

Champion Intermediate Female

Best Light Fawn Female


Carousel of Colour 2016

Supreme Light Fawn


Colourbration 2016

Champion Light Fawn Male

Reserve Champion Light Fawn Female

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